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It is through development programs, where individuals are able to find their footing, learn job skills and trade skills, develop relationships, and discover the joy and security of being self-sustaining. As they do this and participate in discipleship opportunities, they can grow spiritually and become contributors to the development and well-being of others in their community.

Volunteers Packing Food

Distribution Center

Our Distribution Center is more than a storage facility; it's a ministry with a mission. We're here to house essential community distribution items and to support other ministries operating in under-resourced rural areas. 

Antique Shop

Thrift Store

The Thrift Stores are dedicated to providing affordable clothing and household items to our community. Our mission is twofold: sustaining the Bridge of Faith Community Church and extending a helping hand to those in need. 

Image by Paolo Chiabrando

Mercantil (coming soon)

Our Mercantile is poised to redefine your shopping experience. Explore the charm of our boutique-style store, where we curate and showcase second-hand furniture and household items that exude character and uniqueness. 


GreenHouse & Garden

Greenhouse & Garden are a nurturing haven where students discover the art of cultivating nutritious produce. Our vibrant educational environment instills a deep-rooted connection between God’s creation and sustainability. 



We believe fitness is important to a wholistic approach to the Gospel. Bridge of Faith strives to provide positive spaces for Gospel conversations, healthy community and personal growth.


The Village

We purchased an abandoned resort and are working to renovate the cabins into business spaces in order to provide jobs and opportunities for our citizens.

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