Plan a Mission Trip in Rockaway Beach

At Bridge of Faith, our mission is to transform generations that transform communities. Throughout the years, many organizations and countless individuals have partnered with the work in Rockaway Beach. It is an incredible experience to see where God is already working and to join Him there.


Mission Teams can join us in our vision to transform this former resort town from one known for deep poverty, methamphetamine use and broken families to one where citizens flourish with an understanding of their true identity in Christ.


We recently purchased an abandoned resort and are working to renovate the cabins into business spaces in order to provide jobs and opportunities for our citizens. When we preach the Gospel, we strive to do it “wholistically,” because we believe God has concern for the whole person: physical, emotional and spiritual. Throughout the year, there is abundant opportunity to assist with construction projects, church programs and our multi-site thrift store ministry.


We would be honored to have your team join us to further the Kingdom in rural Southwest Missouri!

Ministry Flexibility

You will be joining us for our daily ministry in our community. Depending on the season, time, weather and needs of the day, experiences we encounter may vary and change on short notice. Please be flexible in this area.

Manual Labor

We may undertake various manual labor jobs while you serve with us, If any in your group possess specific skills in this area, such as dry-wall, electrical, plumbing, construction, etc., please inform us as soon as possible.

Working Together

On the church campus, there are many ministries that happen daily – come ready to serve and help where the need arises! 


Thank you for considering serving at Bridge of Faith Community Church! As we strive to see a generation transformed through Jesus Christ, know that each day you are here is a day of planting seeds for an eternal harvest. In the ten years that Bridge of Faith has served this community, we have seen many spiritual victories, and the best is yet to come! Thank you for investing in eternity!

Below are all the forms and details for planning a mission trip to Rockaway Beach




For more details or availability for your mission team, please send Cameron Mund a message now.